Assessed Blog Post 3.1 (2016) Implications of DLT in Organisations

The organisation that I have decided to look into in terms of the use of digital learning technologies is Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, as my sister is currently studying there.
The three main digital learning technologies which she listed as being used in her classes are discussion forums, powerpoint presentations and online quizzes.
Discussion forums – these are used as a space for the students to discuss with each other what they are learning and for them to ask each other for help. It also serves as a method for students to communicate with their lecturer.
PowerPoint Presentations – these are used in classes as a teaching tool, to convey information to students. PowerPoint Presentations mean that information can be taught in a way which combines text with multimedia elements such as photos and videos. If used correctly, it be a very effective way of teaching, but if not it can be very disengaging.
Online Quizzes – these are used as a form of self-assessment, which students can use to gauge their learning and determine what it is that they still need to work on.

H.L. Jones (personal communication, March 9, 2016)

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Assessed Activity 2.2 (2016) Technologies

One example of integrating technologies into learning which I find to memorable is actually a current example, and is a part of project I am working on for my Project Multimedia class. For this project I am working with a friend, Juliette, to develop a website for her new business. She lives in France and this means that I need to utilize digital technologies in order to communicate with her about the project. One technology in particular that we are using is Google Docs. This technology allows us to collaborate on the project in real time and means that information, ideas and questions can easily and quickly be shared and accessed. Not only can I use this technology to work with my friend on the project, but it is also a way to learn about communicating with a client when they live remotely.

An instance where I feel that technology has been a barrier to my learning is sometimes in the use of powerpoint/online presentations in the context of teaching a class. There are times when the person up the front will rely too much on a static powerpoint, which mostly just consists of text, to teach the material. This type of teaching is extremely disengaging and does not work at all for my learning style.