Assessed Activity 7.1 (2016)

20160324_084127This blog post will explore the field trip to the log cabin and the technologies that were involved in this field trip.

The mobile device which I used in a Samsung Galaxy Mini, which runs the Android operating system.

Given the location of the field trip and the technologies being used, there were a few issues which we ran into. One of these was using mobile devices running on 4G to stream and record through Adobe Connect. Because of interference with the internet connection, we found that the audio which was being streamed to those watching via Adobe Connect was extremely laggy, being about 20 seconds behind real time.

Another issue was to do with the quality of the video, when recording and streaming through the iPad, the video quality was very low and grainy, whereas streaming through a smartphone seemed to produce a better quality video, but better quality may have also resulted in a larger amount of data having to be sent and therefore more lag.

As I attended the field trip in person, I wasn’t following the streaming content, but upon watching the recording of the video stream back, I found that the video was extremely low quality and laggy, and that the sound quality was almost inaudible – which would have made it very difficult for those watching remotely to follow what was going on. This goes to show that while the digital learning technologies are constantly advancing and developing, they still very much have there limits.


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