Assessed Activity 6.1 (2016)

An ePortfolio is an online space where you can showcase you skills, whether this is through text, images, video, audio etc. There are many different platforms through which one can build an ePortfolio – some of these include a website (such as one built in google sites), a blog page, a LinkedIn profile, or a Facebook page.

An ePortfolio is useful in a digital learning environment as they provide a somewhere where one can keep an up-to-date record of their skills, achievements, work experience etc in a manner that is interactive and easy to navigate. Having an ePortfolio makes it easier to apply for jobs and shows potential employers that you have skills in a digital space. Certain sites such as LinkedIn allow users to create their own online ePortfolio as well as interaction with other users and opportunity to join communities and potentially find employment.

LinkedIn is very intimidating

Google Sites “CV”?