Assessed Activity 5.1 (2016)

Reflection on the PLN Presentation

This blog post will focus on the presentation given by Joyce Seitzinger which she gave about Personal Learning Networks. I found this lecture to be most informative and it made me think about whether or not the way I use online technologies is working effectively for my learning.

With the endless amount of information which is available online for consumption, it is important your own individual personal learning network is cultivated in such a way that you can filter out the relevant information in a way that is easily accessible, as well as collecting and organizing this information for future reference.


In terms of my own personal learning network, I am very much a resident on the blogging site Tumblr. I run two blogs there – a personal blog and a blog where I post my art. I also use Tumblr’s tracked tag function to keep track of certain streams of information. I also frequent Outlook as a means to keep in contact with my overseas friends, and the app Telegram to keep in contact with my family.

I am not a fan of social networking at all and I like to have full control over who can and can’t contact me, as well as what photos etc of me end up on the internet, which is why I only really use email to talk to friends and occasionally the Tumblr messaging system.

In a learning context two sites where I am also a resident would be WordPress and Google Drive – I use WordPress for my learning based blogs, and Google Drive to store documents as well as to work collaboratively.

For sites where I am a visitor, Twitter and Youtube are two sites which I use for both personal and educational purposes – especially Youtube. Youtube is a great tool because of the endless amounts of tutorials etc available to watch on just about any topic. I also utilize the Twitter search function as a means to filter relevant information through.

I visit Wikipedia, EIT online and google search to aid in my learning, as these technologies all provide an abundance of information which is relevant to my learning.

As for how effective my own personal learning network, I think that perhaps my avoidance of social networking sites may be a hindrance to making my pln more effective, but as I don’t really like people very much this is a risk I am willing to take.