Assessed Activity 8.2 (2016)

As a student taking the Diploma in Multimedia/Web Development,the Digital Learning Technologies paper was a part of this course. I found that the strength of this course is that it takes the skills I have learnt in other classes and gives them a real-world context – and the context of education is one that is constantly evolving and will always be something of importance.

In this class I have learned about ways in which digital technologies can be used effectively in a learning environment, as well as the challenges that come with these technologies. I have discovered a number of different platforms and software which can be utilized in learning environments to aid in the way in which students cover course content, as well as what the best way to go about designing a learning technology.

I have also learned about how your own personal learning network can be used to get the best out of the constant stream of information coming out of the internet and how this can give you an edge in your own practice.

I am looking forward to implementing the skills and knowledge I have gained in the first part of the paper in the upcoming project.

One way in which I think that the course could be improved would be to have the assessed activities organized in a way which makes them easier to find. As it is at the moment, I found that I was having to go back and forth between a number of sites to work out what I was supposed to be doing that week. When changes were made to that weeks activity, at times it was not as straightforward to decipher what was going on as it could have been. This is only a minor complaint and just something to keep in mind when planning this course in the future.