Assessed Activity 2.1 (2016) Pedagogies

There are different types of learning, which includes case-based learning, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, resource-based learning and game-based learning. When I was studying for my Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design a lot of the learning that occured was project-based. This kind of learning involved trial-and-error, working with other class mates to solve problems, and otherwise figuring things out for oneself, through the process of the project. I found the the things I’d figured out for myself were the things that stuck with me.

One way that E-Learning can be integrated into project based learning is through the use of digital media as an aid for sovling problems. For example, when I was working on a project and found myself at a point where I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to proceed, I could look up tutorials etc on Youtube to help myself progress. This method of learning can promote both individual and group based learning.